Friday, 10 August 2012

Our Lasers - One Advantage

This illustration shows one of the many advantages of the lasers we use at our Markham Laser Hair Removal Clinic - the Chill Tip. This is a sapphire, cooled to a low temperature. 
The superficial layers of the skin are cooled and protected whilst the laser is heating the follicles. The side effects of laser hair removal are associated with the heat that is generated. 
There are no long term side effects as may be associated with ultraviolet rays and x-rays, both of which increase the risk of cancer.  This type of laser treatment has absolutely no risk of sinister complications. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Is it Permanent?

A question is often asked of us. Is Laser Hair Removal truly permanent?

The answer: 

Permanent Hair Removal is only made possible by being able to heat hair to a very high temperature with the laser. This results in the death of the cells that produce the hair, so no further hair can grow.

Only very powerful lasers are capable of heating the hair to a high enough temperature to achieve genuine permanent removal and this means that there a few things you must be aware of.

A laser converts the energy in electricity to high power light, of a single wavelength. In Laser Hair Removal we use the properties of specific wavelength and high power, to great advantage. Non laser light machines such as the IPL systems do not have these properties which make lasers so useful.

The laser light also heats the skin and this results in a sharp hot sensation similar to electrolysis.

This heating of the skin may produce some redness and a little swelling at the time of treatment. The next day there may be some fine superficial brown scaling on the area treated but this will go in under two weeks. Rarely the skin will react by going a little darker or perhaps a little lighter after the scale comes away. This can take up to three months or in some cases longer before the skin returns to its normal color.

Our next blog will contain additional information which you may find useful.

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