Monday, 29 July 2013

Dealing with Hyperventilation / Panic attacks. A few words of advice from Hairaway Canada.

Short rapid breathing can be brought on by anxiety amongst other things. The symptons can usually last about 15 minutes to 30 minutes and can seem like hours to anyone having them. Though very frightening to the person, hyperventilation is not usually dangerous. Breathing into a paper bag increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood and relieves the symptons.

The following steps should be followed and in all if not most instances should provide a remedy within a short span of time. Your clients will appreciate the professionalism.

  • Make direct eye contact with the person and avoid getting caught up in the panic. Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Give short clear instructions.
  • Make calming gestures.
  • Allow the person some space.
  • Minimise embarrassment and avoid an audience.
  • Get them to sit down and sit with them at eye level.
  • Ask them to loosely cover their nose and mouth with a small paper bag.
  • Ask them to breathe slowly into the bag and re-breathe the air in the bag about ten times.
  • Set the bag aside and ask them to breath normally for a couple of minutes.
  • Repeat last two steps until the symptons lessen or go away.
  • Encourage them to breath slowly asking them to inhale taking a long, slow breath ( breath with them).
  • Hold the breath for 1+second
  • Exhale slowly ( pucker your lips like you are going to kiss).
  • Tell them to relax in a calm voice just before they reach the end of exhalation.
  • Continue encouraging them to breath normally.

Hairaway Canada considers medical laser hair removal to be a clinical procedure and as such employs medical protocols in every aspect of the provision of its services. From the initial consultation to post procedure.

Diabetes and Medical Laser Hair Removal.

Hairaway Canada always assesses the clinical suitability of all its prospects at the time of initial consultation.  Diabetes is not an uncommon medical condition and therefore as professional medical laser hair removal specialists, it important to know whether our prospects have diabetes so we are able to administer to and provide them with effective and safe treatment. 

People suffering from diabetes need to control their blood sugar levels by balancing the amount of sugar in their diet with insulin injections. Diabetics undergoing long treatments, such as legs,  may go past a necessary meal time without realising it. If a diabetic client starts to feel or behave strange, we provide some glucose powder mixed with water or Glygocen syrup. Diabetics can become irrational when very hypoglycaemic. The problem may be that the blood sugar is high, diabetics always know the difference, but when there is doubt we always provide glucose.  Making blood sugar higher is much less dangerous than not treating a very low blood sugar. 

Diabetics are more sensitive to the discomfort associated with medical laser hair removal due to sensitive nerves and tissues. They also respond more vigorously and if treated by inexperienced hands or inferior technology more commonly used at beauty salons and non specialist centres or clinics can blister due to damage of their nerve endings. Diabetics are also more prone to infections.

Hairaway Canada assesses the clinical suitability of all its prospects at the initial consultation at its medical laser hair removal clinic in Unionville, Markham and if it is determined that the prospect is unsuited for medical laser hair removal and we feel we would be unable to provide a safe and effective treatment we will not offer treatment.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Preparing for Medical Laser Hair Removal. Some words of advice from Hairaway Canada.

Medical laser hair removal is definitely more than just simply zapping away unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure that requires training and a lot of experience to perform.  

Before getting hair removal, we recommend that prospects should thoroughly check the credentials of the facility and the personnel performing the procedure. Unfortunately in Ontario, hair removal, is an unregulated industry and anyone, literally, anyone can get their hands on any type of light and heat generating devices, some as weak as some pulsed light systems and perform the procedure; at times with serious consequences for the unsuspecting prospect. Fortunately, barriers to entry for service providers with medical lasers are quiet high. The costs of purchasing a top of the line medical laser, like those used at Hairaway Canada are in excess of $200,000. 

Ensure that facility operates and functions like a medical clinic. Go and have a look. See if they are clean. That their consultations and documentation are all medical in nature. That the devices they are using are indeed medical lasers and not just the run of the mill pulsed light systems commonly used at beauty salons, spas and non specialist clinics and that the operators have been medically trained and have a minimum of 10 years experience. Make sure they prove to you that they know what they are talking about and know the procedure and have thoroughly explained everything to you. Do not submit yourself to the hands of an unskilled operator. You are liable to suffer the consequences of this. 

If you are planning on undergoing laser hair removal, you should limit plucking and waxing for six weeks before treatment. That's because the laser targets the hairs' roots, which are temporarily removed by waxing or plucking. Believe it or not that shaving is ok! You must, and this is a must, avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and after treatment. Sun exposure makes laser hair removal less effective and makes complications after treatment more likely.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Laser Hair Removal and Children. Hairaway Canada provides some answers

We are often  asked whether children or young teenagers are candidates for medical laser hair removal and feel that this would be a pertinent topic for our latest blog.

Some children and most younger teenagers experience an onset of hair growth on anatomical areas like their face, arms, legs and even backs and this can at pose  problems for some of them. These could be social ones, like being teased or being called names or even something that we as adults may consider not worthy of mention, like being told "you have hair like my elder brother or I think you need to start shaving those legs" can create untold distress for the young mind.  On the other side there are the physical issues, for example like ingrown hair on the crease line of the bikini of the younger teenaged girls or the nicks and cuts from shaving the face or the discomfort associated with waxing. 

The parents of these children leave no stone unturned and seek to provide assurance of a remedy for these children and also work with the children, until a more permanent solution is found by them, to provide interim solution like clipping! Thankfully a medical solution exists at Hairaway Canada.

For medical laser hair removal to be successful, a few things must be in place. First and most obviously, a presence of dark hair against an untanned skin and a willing and cooperative candidate. We always recommend that treatment be considered for young teenaged girls after their first menses and for boys until after the end of the their 13th birthday, giving time for the hormones to settle down.

Consent of both parents for treatments is an absolute must and the presence of at least one of them during the treatment. But most important of all, the desire to have the treatment from and the cooperation of the young teenager.

As always, we will examine the prospect to ensure clinical and lifestyle suitability conduct a thorough and detailed consultation with the prospect in the presence of their parent(s) to ensure they fully understand the process and are at ease. 

We have been told that we have excellent bed side manners and are very skilled at creating an environment where the prospect feels at ease both with the procedure, the facility and with us.

Rest assured that if we have any inclination that the child is unsuited or that we will not be able to provide a measure of remedy and success we will not offer treatment.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pregnancy and Medical Laser Hair Removal at Hairaway Canada. A few words.

There have been a number of occasions since our inception that we have been  asked whether pregnant women can have medical laser hair removal and thought it would be an appropriate subject for our blog.

The medical lasers used at Hairaway Canada work in the infra-red spectrum of light. There is no ultra violet component in the light and therefore no sinister complications can result.  There is absolutely no possibility of any issues with the unborn foetus from the light or the heat which is generated by the laser.

However, we always advise  that medical Laser Hair Removal should only be carried out, latest, up to the end of the first trimester if it cannot be avoided. The reason is that the procedure in certain anatomical areas, like the axilla (underarms)  can sometimes result in discomfort for the client and as a result of that discomfort and concomitant stress to the client the foetus might get stressed as well. We simply do not wish to cause the unborn child any undue stress and therefore encourage our pregnant clients, whom we feel may encounter discomfort, to postpone their treatments until after they have delivered.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ingrown Hairs. What are the causes and can Hairaway Canada provide a remedy with its hair removal service?

Following the most recent blog on facial hair removal, the writer is now faced with several spots on the face where the hair has ingrown, causing a lot of irritation and some transient un sightly marks. A photo is attached to show one such spot. Apologies if undue stress is caused.:) You can see that I have not shaved for a couple of days to try and get the skin to heal itself, which from past experience is the outcome. It can take up words of three to five days for the ingrown hairs marks to disappear and for another shave.

Thinking about what the causes are for the ingrown hair on the face, the writer scoured the internet for answers and more often than not pointed to main cause. Shaving too close

Thinking that ingrown hairs are a problem that is faced by a plethora of people, What is an ingrown hair?  

According to Medic On Line, an Ingrown hair is a very common skin condition in adults and they tend to be more common in areas with coarse hairs, like the bikini area in women, and beard and neck in men. Individuals with thicker, coarser hairs, such as African Americans, tend to have the highest rate of problems with ingrown hairs, particularly of the beard area. This is called Pseudofolliculitis barbae.  Rarely, an ingrown hair may also appear in other skin parts, such as the eyelid. Generally, an ingrown hair is medically harmless, yet it may become cosmetically disfiguring and lead to scarring, skin discoloration (referred to as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), skin infection and rarely a scar. The photo of the writer of this blog shows the outcome. An ingrown hair happens when the sharp tip of the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin of the hair follicle. It is a benign condition, which usually appears as a small tan or sometimes pink bump under the skin. Often, a small pinpoint (often dark) part of the underlying hair may be seen under the skin bump. In more extensive cases, multiple small red or pink little bumps ( see photo above)  around hair follicles may be seen on any skin area that has been frequently shaved, such as the face, neck, armpits, legs, and pubic region.

  • Ingrown hairs are a benign skin disorder commonly seen in teenagers and adults.
  • Ingrown hairs more frequently occur in adult men with darker skin or African-American skin.
  • Ingrown hairs commonly occur on shaved areas, such as the face, neck, armpit, legs, and pubic region.
  • Ingrown hairs look like scattered, pinpoint tan or red bumps.
  • Ingrown hairs can be cosmetically disfiguring.
  • Ingrown hairs are often caused by shaving too closely.
  • Ingrown hairs may resolve on their own without treatment.
  • Infection of skin can occur.
  • Avoid close shaves to prevent ingrown hair.
The medical laser hair removal service provided by Hairaway Canada at its hair removal clinic in Markham is the best option to prevent ingrown hairs. One treatment can typically provide immediate remedy.

As my face has been exposed to the sun over the course of the past month, I am not a candidate for medical laser hair removal and therefore unable to provide you with a before and after photo following a treatment. 

Thanks for Medic On Line for providing the information on ingrown hairs.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Facial Hair Removal for Men at Hairaway Canada. Is it for you?

First thing in the morning when they wake up and are brushing their teeth, perhaps again at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, when they have nicked their face with the blade or when the love of their lives screams out in pain that they are like a porcupine are the instances that men think about the prospects of 'never' having to shaving again.  Just the thought of applying the shaving cream, gel or soap to their face and gliding that blade over their skin is enough to make some men shout out loud "Why me?" or "Why could I not be living or working in a country or region where having a beard is the norm." or "Why is her skin so sensitive that she has to screech in pain every time I come to kiss her in the evenings?" or "Why can't Gillette manufacture a blade that will not, despite my efforts, nick me?"

And it is precisely at these times that men wonder what it would be like never to have to shave again.

Fortunately the medical laser hair removal service offered at Hairaway Canada is able to provide some degree of resolution to the needs of the men whom would like to deal less with the 'chore' of the daily shave.

On the occasions that we have deemed it possible to provide a treatment for the removal of the hair from the facial region ( beard or moustache), the results have been truly magical. The immediate response of the skin to the procedure is vigorous though.  Depending on the thickness of the hair, the perifollicular oedema and erythema, can be quiet substantial and can last for anywhere from 48hrs to 72hrs. So it is always prudent to take a few days leave from work or public activity and wait for the response to subside.

This is an image of perifollicular oedema and erythema which will occur on the treated area and if the face is being treated, then this will occur on the entire anatomical region.

We do not always recommend a full facial hair removal treatment and suggest that as a first step the neck line is treated so that the man does not have to shave the hair from the neck line to the top of the chest region, which does occur in some men. The results of the hair removal treatment with the use of medical lasers at Hairaway Canada are dramatic and noticeable even after the first visit and mean that the client does not have deal with the prospect of razor burn, nicks or ingrown hair or an irritated neck caused as a result of his hair rubbing against his shirt collar.

Face it! Men deserve to reduce their dollar spend on blades and not having to deal with shaving as frequently as before.