Thursday, 27 June 2013

What makes us happy here at Hairaway Canada.

Year after year over the past thirteen years we have been providing what we consider to the best professional service in medical laser hair removal  and after care available. 

When we set up our hair removal clinic here in Markham, we knew that we would face extraordinary challenges in setting up here but we have a deep seated belief that we are very good at what we do and therefore knew that in time, there would be a recognition that Hairaway Canada is the name synonymus with, the most experienced and professional medical laser hair removal available in Markham and Toronto. We set very high standards for ourselves and know that our clients are deserving of the very best professional care at all times. It is therefore heartening for us when we receive words of appreciation and acknowledgement from our clients. 

We would like to share this with you.....

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What is experience and why does it matter when it comes to hair removal by Hairaway Canada at its hair removal clinic in Markham?

Experience is defined by the dictionary as knowledge of or skill of some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event.

Hairaway Canada and its owner operators have been directly involved in medical laser hair removal since the inception of Hairaway Singapore in the year 2000. They have been exposed to all aspects of hair removal with the use of high powered medical lasers on all skin types with particular emphasis on the Asian skin typo with its preponderance of melanin.

Hair removal with the use of medical lasers is possible on most skin types but it is crucially important that service providers with experience, like Hairaway Canada, with over 60,000 procedures under their belt, assess the clinical suitability of the prospect and provide clear and unambiguous advice on the outcomes. 

There are several contra-indications to hair removal with the use of high powered medical lasers. Some pertain to existing medical conditions. For example if the prospect has diabetes or asthma. Or if they are taking medications that cause photosensitivity. Only experience can provide the assurance to the prospect that these and other important matters are considered when choosing an experienced, professional, reliable and honest service provider whom knows what they are doing.

Hair removal with the use of medical lasers, like those at Hairaway Canada, is considered in some quarters by some a surgical skill set and one simply does not obtain these skill sets by having little or no exposure to medical lasers, dermatology and medicine.

You are in excellent hands at Hairaway Canada.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Facial Hair in Women. A big problem for some but with Hairaway Canada there is a solution.

Excessive facial hair in women is not just a cosmetic problem. It is also perhaps a sign of an underlying medical condition that in most circumstances can be treated effectively with the use of the medical lasers at our clinic.

Up to 15% of women have excess facial hair and in many case a hormone disorder is the most likely cause. 
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the cause of excess facial or body hair in anywhere from 70%-80% of the cases.
What is PCOS?
According to the Womans' Health Web Site, The cause of PCOS is unknown. But most experts think that several factors, including genetics, could play a role Women with PCOS are more likely to have a mother or sister with PCOS.
A main underlying problem with PCOS is a hormonal imbalance. In women with PCOS, the ovaries make more androgens than normal. Androgens are male hormones that females also make. High levels of these hormones affect the development and release of eggs during ovulation. Researchers also think insulin may be linked to PCOS. Insulin is a hormone that controls the change of sugar, starches, and other food into energy for the body to use or store. Many women with PCOS have too much insulin in their bodies because they have problems using it. Excess insulin appears to increase production of androgen. High androgen levels can lead to:
  • Acne
  • Excessive Hair Growth - Also referred to as Hirsutism
  • Weight Gain
  • Problems with Ovulation

Hirsutism, is very distressing and can be particularly upsetting for young women.

Estimates of how many women are affected are likely to be underestimated because women can be reluctant to seek help. 
In addition to PCOS, which is a major cause of fertility problems, rarer causes of excessive hairiness include certain tumours and thyroid dysfunction, as well as the use of certain drugs.
Dr Rebecca Swingler, from St. Michaels Hospital in Bristol, says that "Often women have had to cope with their excessive hair growth for many years before seeking professional help."
Mild cases of hirsutism can be treated cosmetically with the use of medical lasers but in moderate to severe cases, hormone therapy, such as the oral contraceptive pill and other treatments are available.
The professional and experienced owner operators at Hairaway Canada will be able to provide the best advice for those seeking a long term solution.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Red, Blonde, Gray and White? Hairaway Canada provides the answer.

Semiconductor medical lasers are considered the most efficient sources of light available to achieve the cosmetic outcomes desired by those seeking to remove hair from various anatomical regions of the body.

According to the Wellman Labs of Photomedicine at Harvard Medical school, Medical lasers operate on the principles of selective photothermoloysis which "combine selective absorption of light energy by the MELANIN in hair follicles with suitable energy levels and providing cooling to the surrounding epidermal and dermal regions. "

The key and operative word and structure in the above sentence is Melanin.

Melanin is the pigment which provides the hair its color. It is also present in the eyes and hence the mandatory use of protective eyewear during the procedure and in a vast swath of humanity is what gives them their color; ranging from the peoples of the Mediterranean, to the Middle East, South America and Asia.

Advanced medical laser systems are designed to remove unwanted hair through this process of selective photothermolysis.  This involves the selective absorption of a very strong and intense  pulse of light at a continuous wavelenght by the hair follicles but NOT by the surrounding tissue. In medical laser hair removal the MOST important and dominant absorber of the energy generated by this strong and intense pulse of light a continuous wavelength is melanin.

In Red, Blonde, Gray and White colored hair, there is INSUFFICIENT melanin in the "hair follicle" and therefore the energy being generated by the medical laser cannot be effectively absorbed by the cell to cause the protein in the cell to become denatured and cause the elimination necessary to achieve the cosmetic outcomes desired.

Black and Dark Brown hair are ideal hair colors for medical laser hair removal. Red, Blonde and Gray and White as colored hairs simply do not have enough or any melanin in them and will not respond to the treatments provided.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Should you have your pubic hair removed completely from your 'nether' regions at Hairaway Canada?

To be  or not to be 'au naturel' is the question and it is the hoped that the following few words will provide some clarity for those, women and even men considering having the hair from their pubic regions cleared.

There are several reasons people chose to have their pubic hair removed. Cosmetics is by far the number one reason and the concomitant perceived or otherwise notion of an increase in sexuality or cleanliness.

"Ever since I had my brazilian clearance from my pubic region, my husband cannot keep his hands of me." Or " The moment he saw what I had done, he devoured me." These are just a couple of the comments we have heard from some of our clients whom have decided to have the hair from their bikini region cleared completely. We sometimes also get " ever since my girl friend had her brazilian, she feels a lot cooler and cleaner."

Sometimes, there is just the reason that troubles women most and that is the incidence of ingrown hairs on the extended part of the bikini which goes to the thighs and sometimes back of the legs. The following image should help provide clarity:

So what we advise is that to address the issue of ingrown hairs, once and for all and to provide a 'thinning' out of the density of the pubic hair from the region, the client should undergo one or even two full clearance treatments and then shape the pubic hair to a shape which they would like. As follows:

The medical lasers used at Hairaway Canada are some of the most powerful lasers available in the market today and because of the power and ability to eliminate hair producing cells, one or even two treatments would provide the thinning out come required.

However, if a complete clearance like My Bare Lady depicted above is desired, then depending on the prevalence of pigment in the vaginal area, four to sometimes six or eight treatments may be necessary to achieve your goals.

Men also choose to have the hair removed from the pubic region and like women, it most often has to do either with the perceived sexual enhancement from a much more visible phallus or simply as a means of grooming; either to provide some cooling or simply achieving a certain look which their partners and they themselves like.

As the results of the procedure at Hairaway Canada are permanent we always encourage our clients to carefully consider the option of a complete clearance. Because what is deemed to be fashionable today may not necessarily be so tomorrow. That being the case, we have absolutely no means of regrowing the hair in the region other than transplanting it once it has been treated by the medical lasers.

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Do you wake up in the mornings and have a look in the mirror and cannot help but notice  your chest and abdomen, your shoulders, your back or even your ears and wonder if this whole hair growth thing is just beyond control? Having carried out over 60,000 procedures, we consider ourselves experts in medical laser hair removal and discuss this solution available for men.

Hair removal was, and the operative word here is, was, a female thing. This did not even factor into the equation for men. If they had hair, they and at most times, the women or even men in their lives, much to their chagrin, just put up with it. Unless of course they were competitive athletes like swimmers, body builders, dancers or even cyclists - not like the disgraced Mr Armstrong though. But that is a subject for another day and another blog.

These days, the hair removal regime is not the sole purview of women as men now aspire to having same  smooth hair less skin. 

There are areas where men would simply like to wish away their hair. For example their backs:

or even their ears:

because we do not believe there are many men out there whom believe their partners actually like to have their hands running through thick hair on their back or seeing unsightly hair on their ears:

So depending on the area, most men would like to see their hair gone for good or in some areas, like their chest and abdomen or even their legs the hair merely thinned out.

What do we mean? These two images should clarify it:

From this density of hair:

To perhaps this density of hair:

Men also are opting to have  hair removal on the hair which grows between their eyebrows, you know the area we mean, the one they or even their partners are having to pluck, with the use of medical lasers at Hairaway Canada. This area in medical term is called the Glabella.

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification with the simulated emission of radiation. But before you get all hot and bothered about the last word in this sentence, you should be happy to note that medical lasers amplify light and create heat energy using infra red light. This means you have absolutely no risk of sinister complications. The UV component has been removed from lasers so in experienced hands like Hairaway Canada, they are completely safe and very effective.

If thinning of hair is all you seek, then one or even two treatments are considered more than sufficient. However, if you wish to obtain a clearance then six to eight treatments spanned over a course of eight to twelve months would get you to your goal.

Treatments can roughly take anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Why does it take more than one treatment?

A question which is often asked and rightfully so. 

Understanding the hair growth cycle and the structure of hair follicles will enable you to understand when and how hairs are destroyed and why it takes more than one more treatment to obtain a near complete clearance of hair from the treated area.

All hairs in any given body area are not present at the same time. There is always a percentage (approximately 10%) of empty hair follicles on a body area that has not been recently waxed or pulled out by the root.

When hair is waxed out it is mostly removed including the roots. (Some snap off just under skin level and grow like shaving regrowth) After about 10 to 14 days the first signs of regrowth appear. This looks like fine tips of new hairs and it is certain they are ANAGEN hairs. Our earlier blog describes the hair growth phases in detail. 2-4 weeks after a wax is ideal and appropriate for medical laser hair removal at Hairaway Canada's hair removal clinic in Markham. It is important for you to know that HAIR FOLLICLES CAN ONLY BE DESTROYED WHILST IN ANAGEN PHASE. Between 10% to 30% of a full regrowth of hair (i.e: 3 to 4 months of undisturbed growth) are in the anagen phase. The remaining percentage will be in catagen or telegen phase and do not have the root structure that can be destroyed / eliminated.

If you study a diagram of an an anagen hair you will notice the root has a bulbous structure situated just above the dermis. There is a small capillary structure that connects the bulb to the dermis for blood supply to feed the hair. This is called the Dermal Papilla. Within the area of the bulb and the dermal papilla are the germ cells that produce the new hair. It is this very small but crucial area that Hairaway Canada aims to destroy with treatment using heat generated by the most advanced medical grade lasers at its hair removal clinic in Markham. By destroying the dermal papilla and germ cells we are permanently destroying the follicle so its does not produce another hair. 

Hair follicles in the catagen or telegen phase will not destroyed, although you will still be creating heat build up in the skin by heating the hair. This is why it is favorable to treat relatively new regrowth so you are treating most anagen hairs. This is why the terms of the guarantee Hairaway Canada provides to all its clients states that the client must return for treatment within 4 weeks of first seeing regrowth. In some circumstances it can be argued that it would be best to return for treatment within 2 or 3 weeks of seeing regrowth. This depends on the length to which the hair will grow.

So from the above you can see that at any given time anywhere from 10% to 30% of the hairs are in the crucial anagen phase and the results of the destruction of the hair producing follicles is restricted to these numbers. So if a reduction is all you seek, and in some cases, some clients only desire a reduction, then one treatment would be more than sufficient. However, if you are seeking to eliminate the hair producing follicles, then multiple treatments are necessary and this can range any where from 4 treatments up to 8 and some times more on certain anatomical regions. Physiological responses to treatment vary from individual to individual so there is no set number for any person.

Length of Hair growth:

Scalp hair can have an anagen stage of 6 years, so if Hairaway Canada were ever to offer hair removal at its hair removal clinic in Markham with the use of its advanced medical lasers, there would be plenty of time to destroy the live root after seeing it emerge from the skin. A man's beard would also have plenty of anagen time as it has the potential to grow quiet long if it is not shaved. Most body hair has an anagen phase of 2 to 4 weeks depending on the person and the body area. Hair's on a lady's upper lip would have less time in anagen phase because the hair is short.

Rate of hair growth:

This mostly depends on how coarse the hair is. Coarse hair has deeper root, larger dermal papilla, therefore a greater blood supply, so it will grow much faster than fine hair.

So we have the length of the hair and the coarseness of the hair to consider when estimating the timing of the persons next treatment.

With women who have "male pattern' hair growth due to hormone influence you may see faster regrowth even with hairs that not especially coarse.

Permanent vs Retarding:

To produce permanent results with its medical grade lasers at is hair removal clinic in Markham, the anagen follicle needs to be heated to a specific temperature ( around 70c) by Hairaway Canada. If sufficient heat is not produced the follicle will be partially destroyed and return as finer hair, or its growth cycle retarded so it takes much longer than usual to return. This can mislead people who have treatments done with devices that are not medical grade lasers, such as IPLs, commonly and mistakenly referred to as lasers, used at beauty salons and non-specialist clinics. They initially believe the hair has been permanently destroyed only to find that 3 to 6 months later a uniform regrowth has appeared. The treatments we offer at Hairaway Canada aim to prevent simply retarding the hair by treating during the correct stage of the hair cycle with the requisite sufficient amount of energy.

Call Hairaway Canada on 905 479 8880 for your hair removal needs.  You have nothing to lose but your unwanted hair.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A guide from Hairaway Canada for Brides to be.

It is just as important to have silky hair free skin for your big day, as it is having silky hair free skin for what comes after - your honeymoon! As a new bride we know that you would not want to waste time at an aestheticians or in the bathroom shaving while your husband lounges by the resort pool or at the beach sipping a cool drink.

With the popularity of Hair Removal growing across Markham and Toronto, the trusted leader in hair removal, Hairaway Canada would like to share the ten things every bride should know about medical laser hair removal, before their big day and embarking on their honeymoon. 

1. Start NOW. To ensure the best possible results in time for your big day, you should begin your hair removal treatments as soon as he has proposed and you have accepted :) or have booked the date for the big day. 

2. You WILL BE hair free for long periods. Your first medical laser hair removal treatment at Hairaway Canada in their hair removal clinic in Markham can in most instances enable you to remain hairless for up to 6 weeks. As your treatments progress hair will be less visible and finer in density and texture and the hair free period can last up to 8 weeks. 

3. You MUST stay out of the sun. It is important to avoid the sun before and after medical laser hair removal procedures. Your skin needs to be of a natural skin tone to be treated effectively.  
If you are unable to avoid direct exposure to the sun then the application of a high SPF sun block will is highly recommended.

4. Blonde, red and gray hairs are NOT SUITABLE for medical laser hair removal.  Medical lasers, like the ones used at #Hairaway Canada at its hair removal clinic in Markham work by heating the darker pigment (melanin) found in darker hair. With blonde, red and gray hairs - because of the lighter color as a result of an absence of the darker melanin, the medical device is unable to heat up the pigment in the hair. 

5. Shave. We encourage and recommend that you shave the night before your treatment, the closer the shave the better. If you find it necessary to remove your hair between treatments shaving is best. Do not worry about shaving even if it is your face. Under no circumstances though should you wax, pluck or apply depilatory creams.

6. DO RESEARCH because your big days are important! Make sure to choose a reputable and experienced clinic before you decide to undertake medical laser hair removal. Know the difference between Medical lasers and IPLs. Medical Lasers, like the ones used at Hairaway Canada at its hair removal clinic in Markham are sophisticated and highly advanced surgical equipment which require skill and a lot of experience to operate to their maximum potential.

7. You work hard for your money. DO NOT WASTE your money.  Find out if you are a suitable candidate for  medical laser hair removal and whether the clinic is using medical grade class 4 lasers or just the run of the mill IPLs.  A reliable medical laser hair removal clinic, like Hairaway Canada offers a free full consultation before you start your treatment
and this is a very thorough process enabling us to establish your suitability for the procedure.

8. Adjust your expectations and be prepared to commit.  Medical Laser hair removal is not a one off hair removal cure.  It will require a commitment on your part and depending on the anatomical area treated multiple treatments.

9. Keep at it. The more consistent you are the greater the results. So work with us and we will get you silky hair free skin for your big day.

10. A bargain is not always best. There is always a catch somewhere.   Do not decide based on the cheapest price. You get what you pay for when it comes to results. Hence we do not subscribe to Groupon or Wag Jag deals. Our pricing structure is transparent without any hidden charges. You will receive the best treatment available. Guaranteed.

#Hairaway Canada uses the most advanced medical grade class 4 hair removal lasers at its clinic in Markham. We have invested $500,000 to date on these surgical devices and have performed over 60,000 treatments over the past 13 years. We are the name synonymous with experience and results. A name you can trust.

Come to Hairaway Canada for your hair removal needs at their hair removal clinic in Markham. You have nothing to loose but your unwanted hair.

Call 905 479 8880 or visit for all the details you will need to be sure you have hair less silky skin on your big day and honey moon.

We acknowledge that some portions of this blog were imported from a blog created by a laser hair removal clinic in Australia. We thank that laser hair removal clinic for its advice which we are now sharing with our clients for their benefit.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hairaway Canada - What is the story?

The last thing you want to be doing before an important meeting or romantic dinner is remove unwanted hair. And if - like most women and even an increasing number of men - you have sampled every possible hair removal product on the market and are still unsatisfied, then it is time to consider the solution at Hairaway Canada in their medical laser hair removal clinic situated in the beautiful serene village of +Unionville.

Hairaway Canada is highly specialised in the field of medical laser hair removal. In fact, hair removal is all we do! Unlike beauty salons and other spas that offer a range of additional services, Hairaway Canada dedicates time and expertise to the one thing we do best - the elimination of hair producing cells with the use of the most advanced and powerful medical lasers available in the market today.  And why? Because we know you do not want to compromise on quality. After all, you would not see a doctor if you had problem with your teeth - you would consult a dental specialist. So why go to a beauty salon or a spa, when it makes sense to go straight to the hair removal experts?

Hairaway Canada offers a medically proven solution. One of the secrets to our hair removal is the proven powerful medical lasers employed at our hair removal clinic in Markham. These systems are revolutionary and come with patented technology offering the most rapid and effective hair removal solution in today's market. This powerful state of the art system has been developed through scientific studies at the Wellmann laboratories, a leading US medical research facility and is approved under FDA, Canadian, European and Australian regulations. These systems used by Hairaway Canada at their hair removal clinic in Markham treats hundreds of hair follicles at one time, using an infra-red light at a wavelength proven far more effective and yielding much faster results than the pulsed light systems normally used at beauty salons and other non specialist centres.


Hairaway Canada's other secret is our skill.

From the initial free consultation to reliable post-treatment care, Hairaway Canada's highly trained and very experienced team invests the time to assess your individual suitability for treatment, providing the best professional advice available. With over 60,000 treatments under their belt, you can be assured of the best at all times.

Hairaway Canada makes your safety our priority - not your money! So if you are not deemed to be a suitable candidate, we will inform you at the time of your consultation and advise you precisely as to the reasons why we are unable to help you so you can be sure not to fall into the trap of empty promises from other service providers.  Our pricing structure is completely transparent with no hidden charges, compulsory programmes, forced sales, hard-sell tactics or empty promises. That is simply not our style.

Come to Hairaway Canada for your hair removal needs. You will be in the best possible hands and will  have nothing to lose but your unwanted hair.

Call us on 905 479 8880 or email us on

Monday, 3 June 2013

Neck hair and removal methods for men. What solution is the best? Hairaway Canada provides the answer.

Over the weekend, the writer of this blog, was at a men's hair salon in the beautiful village of Unionville here in Markham. It was a busy period. Both for the village which was in the midst of its annual street festival and also for the salon being full of patrons, either like the writer, having a periodic hair cut and or a shave; either to their faces or the back of their neck -  as a means of tidying up the messy look and often embarrasment the hair on the back of the neck can create for some men.

At a time when medical lasers for hair removal were simply a figment of the imagination, men had to resort to having the excess hair on the back of their necks, either clipped or often shaved and this latter methodology of removing hair was a temporary yet effective means of providing that 'clean' look. The only problem with shaving the hair on the back of the neck is that the shaving process results in the hairs becoming much coarser and much less manageable with the only solution being additional shaving which in turn creates a bigger problem. The cycle continues, ad infinitum, ad nauseam with repeated visits to the barber necessary to have this hair removed from the back of the neck. Because if left alone, it creates the following look, which in all honesty, is not a pleasant look.

At its hair removal clinic in the beautiful village of Unionville, Hairaway Canada uses the most advanced medical lasers to eliminate the hair producing cells in the back of the neck area so that its clients need not worry about an unkempt, messy and untidy look or be required to go for repeated visits to the barber to have the area shaved. One treatment with the use of the medical lasers at Hairaway Canadas' hair removal clinic in Markham, results in the elimination of up to 30% of the hair producing cells. And, depending on the skin and hair type of the prospective client,  to achieve a clearance of the hair from the neck, four to six treatments, interspersed over a period of six to eight months, is more than sufficient.

We would encourage all men to give consideration to having the hair on the back of their necks removed with the use of the most advanced medical lasers at Hairaway Canadas' hair removal clinic in Markham. You have nothing to loose expect that bothersome, untidy excess hair.

Call Hairaway Canada on 905 479 8880 or email us on