Thursday, 21 March 2013

Myths and Facts!

Searching for laser hair removal will provide you with hundreds of results many filled with the pros and cons of the process. However, trying to weed out what information is accurate and what is nothing more than a myth can be a bit difficult. That is why we have collected the most common myths about hair removal treatments and provided the truth about these unsubstantiated rumors. 

Myth: The hair stops growing after only one session. 
Fact: Even though hair removal with a laser is an effective treatment against unwanted body hair, it requires several sessions before the long-term results start to kick in. It must consider that hair grows in three main phases and it is possible for new follicles to begin to grow even after the laser treatment. Thankfully, though, even after your first session at Hairaway Canada you will begin to notice a decrease in growth.
Myth: Laser treatment is dangerous and can damage internal organs. 
Fact: The myth that heat emitted during the laser hair removal can penetrate your skin and damage your internal organs is nothing short of science fiction. The truth is that the laser will only reach about 1/4 mm of the skin’s outer layer and the heat generated diffuses around the follicle destroying its ability to grow hair. This is why it is called selective photothermolysis.
Myth: Hair removal is expensive and not an affordable option.  
Fact: This revolutionary technology is a popular hair removal option and it’s this popularity that has made it more adorable and accessible to people in all income levels. If you were to compare the cost of the laser hair removal with the cost of regular waxing sessions, you would find that you could save hundreds of dollars by choosing laser over waxing. 

Myth: Hair removal by laser can work for all hair types. 
Fact: You must remember that not all results will be the same and will vary depending on hair color, skin type and hair growth phase. Hair that has reddish hues is more difficult to remove than hair that is brown or black, while grey or white hair cannot be removed with laser alone. That is why it is important to speak to the specialist practitioner performing the hair removal treatment about your expectations.  

Myth: Hair removal via laser technology hurts. 
Fact: While we cannot say that the process is completely painless, the amount of pain the individual feels depends on their pain tolerance. Some individuals experience a slight stinging on their skin while others have described a pinching feeling during the process. Keep in mind, however, that a slight sting or pinch felt during the hair removal session is nothing compared to the pain experienced during waxing or mechanical depilation. And remember, no pain, no gain!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Is the procedure painful?

We often get asked this question and believe that it is an appropriate topic to cover in our blog.

The very first thing that must be understood is that process of medical laser hair removal using hospital grade lasers results in denaturing of the cells responsible for the production of hair. Once hair producing cells have been denatured, they are not able to function and this means no production of hair and therefore, permanence!

The manner in which this occurs is that the hospital grade lasers we use at our clinic in Markham  generate light in a specific wavelength ( 810 nanometers to be exact) and this light generates heat which is then  absorbed by the melanin in the hair. That heat is then transferred to the cell responsible for hair production which results in the protein in that cell to absorb that heat and in the process it denatures the cell.

Whenever, heat is applied to the human body, be in the form of sun exposure either on a warm sunny day or on the ski hill or sitting in a heated room or from a hot shower or a steam bath, the body responds to the application of that heat and the response is that the skin turns red. This turning red of the skin, in medical terms is called Erythema and  does subside.

So just as one feels the heat of the sun on a beach or on the ski hill, or from taking a hot shower, similarly one will feel the heat generated by our hospital grade lasers. This is something that cannot be avoided because the objective of the exercise is to cause the hair producing cell to denature and this can only happen with the application of an appropriate amount of heat at the correct wavelength. So we never claim that our procedures are without some degree of discomfort, because that would be untrue!

The sensation felt has been described as getting a sun burn or a rubber band being flicked at the skin; either of which in some cases are deemed to be uncomfortable. This level of discomfort varies depending on the anatomical area being treated. So the axillary region ( underarms) or bikini could be slightly more pronounced than perhaps getting the arms or upper legs done.

But the client is always in control and if they find it to be uncomfortable, then they simply inform the operator at the time of their test patch and they can opt to have a topical numbing cream applied to the area being treated. The issue with the numbing cream is that because it is topical, it does take about 60 minutes to take effect and does have a cost component associated with it.

We believe in being forthright and completely upfront with all our clients about what they can expect when undergoing the procedure at our centre and we would always like to help our clients save time and money. So we advise our clients to  decide at the time of their test patch whether they wish to have the numbing cream applied.

In most instances this is not been necessary and clients are able to tolerate the treatment without any issues.

Clients come to us because they wish to achieve a cosmetic outcome in the shortest possible time frame with unsurpassed levels of satisfaction and in experienced hands. Hairaway Canada delivers all these results to its clients because of its experience and the quality of the hospital grade devices it uses at its clinic in Markham.

The plethora of Beauty salons and other non specialist centres purportedly offering hair removal claim to do so without any pain. Great pains are taken to inform prospective clients that they are able to achieve outcomes without any discomfort whatsoever.  However, it should be noted that the devices often used cannot generate sufficient levels of heat at the appropriate wavelengths to denature the hair producing cells. If insufficient heat is generated then the clients simply do not feel this because nothing truly remarkable is occurring. So all they have done is taken your hard earned money and not delivered the outcome the client is seeking, which is permanence.

Hairaway Canada specialises in permanent hair removal for women and men at its clinic in Markham. They use the most advanced hospital grade medical lasers to achieve unsurpassed levels of satisfaction for their clients.

Give Hairaway Canada a try. You have nothing to loose but your unwanted hair!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Can Hairaway Canada get rid of my facial hair?

The simple answer is a resounding yes! 

Unwanted facial hair can be a source of great anxiety and can lead to a lack self confidence in women.  Social stigma associated with facial hair can be a major issue and therefore women resort to many temporary methods of removing their facial hair. These include, pulsed light treatments offered at non specialised centres and beauty salons, waxing, threading, bleaching, depilatory creams, shaving and the all time favourite plucking which leads to hyper pigmentation  or darkening of the skin in areas which have had the hair plucked out continuously over time.

Hairaway Canada is pleased to offer a permanent solution for suitable candidates at its hospital grade laser clinic in Unionville, Markham.

The first step in the process is an examination of the hair and skin condition at consultation. If the skin and hair condition are deemed appropriate, no medical conditions exist which are contra-indicated and no medications are taken which cause photosensitivity, then a detailed explanation of the procedure is offered followed by a visual presentation. If the candidate decides to proceed with treatment, a test patch is then carried out, followed by treatment.

Thick dark hair on fair skin responds at a much faster rate than darker hair on darker skin.  But this does not mean that candidates with darker pigment in their skin, such as Mediterranean Europeans, African, Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern or Chinese do not respond favourably as well. The only difference is that because of the residual pigment in the skin, treatment parameters are adjusted to take this into account and a few additional treatments may be necessary to achieve the cosmetic outcome.

Most common areas for treatment are the upper lip, chin, side burns, lower face, cheeks, forehead, and upper eye brows and the glabella (which is area between the eye brows). 

Men whom do not wish to shave regularly or perhaps wish to tidy up their facial hair lines or neck lines are also candidates we treat regularly with outstanding results.

Hairaway Canada specialises permanent hair removal for women and men with the use of hospital grade lasers at its clinic in Unionville, Markham. 

Try Hairaway Canada. You have nothing to lose but your unwanted facial hair.